A great market on Saturday 13 May 2017

It’s always nice to look back and reflect on fun times. We had a wonderful market on Sat 13 May at Aldersbrook Bowls Club. Highlights of the culinary delights:

  • Finely crafted ales and beers from the Wanstead Tap
  • Organic veg from Riverford
  • Coffee, funky bread and cakes from Paul Unsworth
  • Duncan Cruickshanks’s famous sausage rolls, pork pies and salads
  • Bags of coffee beans from the Wanstead Coffee Co – single origin, fair trade, organic
  • Gluten free cake from Ceylon & Seas
  • Tiffin food for lunch
  • Locally produced Larkswood Honey
  • Treat of the week: Valente Brothers ice cream from Hackney

Thanks to everyone who came to support us and also to our stall holders, who made it so much fun, and of course, the bowls club, without whose support nothing would be happening!

Finally I fixed up the website

I’ve been meaning to make the site editable by non-tekkies, so I spent a bit of time on my day off today swinging it over to WordPress. (note for geeks is that it took me to obliterate the previous Amazon server that had static content and set up a fresh LAMP install to make this pesky thing work!) but after it was done it was easy to adjust the DNS).